Let Greg Weatherman be your advocate

Greg can assist the patients of the Surviving Mold physicians in the following ways:

1.  On-site physical indoor environmental investigation & comprehensive remediation plan that follows the Indoor Environmental Professionals Panel of Surviving Mold Consensus Statement;

2.  Nationwide guidance for patients through the process of selecting the best location(s) for taking a qPCR sample  and provide analysis of results to physicians;*

3.  Provide second opinion on remediation plans and lab results interpretation nationwide;*

4.  Nationwide* or local remediation project management, ensuring proper techniques recommended in the Indoor Environmental Professionals Panel of Surviving Mold Consensus Statement;

5.  Nationwide* virtual inspection to assess property for microbial contamination and answer general questions about all parts of the investigation and remediation process;*

* via Skype, Facetime, or phone, and can be booked online here


Greg's experience in the mold industry since 1997 has provided him with a wide range of insights.  He is the kind of person that examines things to an extreme.

He is a Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) with the American Council of Accredited Certifications. 

He holds a Class A Contractor's license in Virginia and has over a decade's worth of remediation experience with both commercial and residential clients.  In 2009, he focused on consulting after a patent was filed - and awarded in 2011 - and currently works with consultants and remediation contractors.

He has taken microscopy courses at the McCrone Institute and has studied under Dr. John Pitt (“A Laboratory Guide to Common Penicillium Species” and “Fungi and Food Spoilage”) to learned how to identify different Penicillium species under a microscope.  The purpose was to learn details about a very important genus of mold that laboratories have a hard time identifying to species level.   

He carries commercial general liability, pollution and professional (errors and omissions) insurance.  He's insured for doing microbial investigations, testing, writing remediation plans, and giving opinions which is described under “exclusions” for general commercial liability insurance policies held by most contractors.  He has provided expert witness testimony in lawsuit cases.

He benefited from working with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and other MDs about health effects to better understand exposure to water damaged buildings.  These physicians actually treat  people suffering from microbial exposure in water damaged buildings. Understanding health effects is crucial to understanding what to test and how to remediate.  He wrote a chapter in "Surviving Mold" for testing and remediation issues.

Greg regularly engages other indoor air quality professionals and patiently (at first, boldly if necessary) explains the need to change the way the industry does some parts of investigation and remediation. 

aerobioLogical Solutions
support for your
investigation and remediation effort

  • Inspect property, either in person or virtually via Skype, FaceTime or phone, to find sources of mold.
  • Design remediation plan that conforms to the Surviving Mold Indoor Environmental Professionals' Consensus Document.
  • Identify other building science professionals that must be brought in – HVAC, mechanical engineers, soil and drainage, etc.
  • Assist in search for and collaborate with industry professionals.
  • Consult with your contractor to ensure they understand protocols that must be followed and products that should and shouldn’t be used.
  • Be on-site (sometimes virtually) to oversee the project during remediation.
  • Take post-remediation tests and report findings.
  • Review inspection reports and remediation plans developed by other vendors, and provide second opinion.
  • Show customers how and where to take their own qPCR (ERMI and HERTSMI-2) tests requested by physicians.  Then provide analysis of test results to both patient and physician.


Nation-wide Customers – outside the DC metropolitan area:

  • Remote Skype and FaceTime consultation and supporting service; or
  • In person, on site investigation and project management.  Travel fees apply.



 Greg will review the lab results, remediation plans, and together with phone conversations and other photos, guide you through the process to determine what needs to be done.

From the information gathered, Greg can develop a remediation plan, and find contractors and other professionals in your area to perform the remediation.  He will make sure they are willing to follow the strict protocols he knows will provide the healthiest outcome.