Book an virtual appointment with Greg Weatherman:
(NOTE:  If you want to schedule an on-site physical inspection with Greg, or have him manage your remediation project, call 703-920-MOLD(6653).

Greg Weatherman's nation-wide online services include One-on-One phone consultations that include virtual inspections  via FaceTime or Skype (Smart Phone or similar device required). Please have a flashlight or other lighting source available for dim areas.

Select the date and time for your appointment.  Available dates are shown in BOLD in the calendar.  A drop-down list will show available time slots on the day you select

Usually, time slots are available for two weeks from the current date as Greg’s schedule changes quickly.

Since this service is nation-wide, it's important to know where you will call from, so please select your time zone.

Complete the information page and submit your request. 

You will get two emails – one confirming your appointment, and a second with a link to your invoice.    All appointments must be paid in full prior to the start of your session.  You can pay by credit card or eCheck. 

All payments are handled by Intuit Quickbooks gateway.  aerobioLogical Solutions does NOT see or store your payment information. 

In the second email, click on "View Invoice".  On your invoice, click on the "Pay Now"  button in the upper right corner and choose your preferred type of payment. 

To complete payment, click on "Next" in the lower right corner.  Your “Paid” receipt will be emailed to you.

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