All too often, the indoor air is worse after remediation than before.  The cast of players in remediation - consultants, contractors, insurance companies, laboratories - can unintentionally violate the realities of building sciences of an indoor environment under a microbial attack.  

Our two companies - aerobioLogical Solutions and AeroSolver have teamed up to bring you this website.  Our audience is two-fold: (1) the patients of Surviving Mold physicians, and (2) the indoor air quality professionals who will be correcting the environmental damage for these patients.

aerobioLogical Solutions can assist in the "what has happened to my home/workplace and what needs to be done to fix the damage" part of the problem.  AeroSolver can show professionals better tools to return the home/workplace to health.

This website is dedicated to helping everyone involved in the process understand the nature of water, mold, buildings and remediation and move beyond the limitations of "remediation as usual".



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